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Kind words are like honey,
sweet to the soul.

Proverbs 16:24

Hello everyone,

Crissy here! I hope you find our website style to be informative, approachable, and authentic! We are enthusiastic about being open and honest about our operations and want to establish a welcoming atmosphere where you feel like you are chatting with a friend! Fostering connections and cultivating a sense of community is paramount to our mission at Sadie Grace Farms. Throughout my career as a leader and educator, I have been fortunate to be placed in positions that have allowed me to fulfill my mission of sharing the blessings of Jesus with others. This mission is deeply connected to my fascination with honeybees and their biblical significance. As a beekeeper, I take extreme pride in my work with them. Honeybees play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our ecological and agricultural systems! Their presence brings a sense of peacefulness to those who care for them, while also contributing to the stability of our ecosystem.   

Would you join me in spreading the wonderful news of honey bees, farm life, and Jesus?


Current blessings!

Sadie Grace Farms has joined the Abilene Chamber of Commerce and kicked off the spring season with a ribbon cutting! We are very thankful for the love and support we have received and are excited about all the opportunities this season will bring! 


What we offer

Our farm is unique because we are mainly an apiary for honeybees and a learning facility. One of our primary goals is to educate the community about the amazing world of honeybees and what they bring to our daily lives. We offer all the fantastic products that are connected to honey bees, but we also offer removals and educational presentations. I have traveled around the Big Country sharing the good news of beekeeping and helping others establish their apiary. If you are involved in an organization, school, fire department, children's program, etc. I would be honored to come and speak to share the knowledge I have obtained.

Another huge aspect of our business is saving and relocating honey bees. In the Spring, our phone lines are ringing off the hook with swarm calls and requests to have bees removed from structures. A very cool aspect of our job is all the training opportunities associated with our work. We have had homeowners who wanted help relocating honey bees from a structure to their hive box so they could become beekeepers. We love this scenario and offer a mentorship program to help guide "New Bees" into beekeeping. I am also the President of the Big Country Beekeepers Association. We have monthly meetings and educational demonstrations to teach and share the knowledge different members have learned over the years. BCBA is another resource we love to share with the community. 

On the farm, we have 18 rescue chickens that we had the blessing of rehoming and giving the life they deserve. They are free-range and bring so much joy and laughter to our field. We plan on adding more girls to our flock each Spring. 

We take great pride in our farm and try to be the best stewards of what God has given us. 

We are blessed and love the community we are building. God continues to bring unique opportunities and friendships through this path, and we look forward to the future he has for us. 


We look forward to serving you from our farm to your table.


Crissy Ward Sadie Grace Farms
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Farmers Market


"Sadie Grace Farms honey is the best I've ever tasted, I love it! I eat some every day with breakfast and some every night as well. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for local honey."

Sandy - Abilene, Tx

"Sadie Grace Farms is a wonderful new community centered company. Crissy has grown and built her farm out of love for health and wellness and a desire to help people. The honey she harvests from her bees is the best I have ever tasted. It is so pure and naturally sweet. The eggs from her chickens actually taste better and are brighter than the ones in any store. I can't help but tell everyone I know all about it!"

Cim - Joshua, Tx

"I had the pleasure of listening to Crissy’s Bee 101 and learned a great deal about how to help my crops and plan on adding hives to my land. Happy I went to the seminar, she is an exceptional teacher that breaks it down very well."

Tim - Clyde, Tx

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