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Sadie Grace Farms Honey bee Removal
Crissy Ward Sadie Grace Farms Honey bee Removal


Honey Bee Relocation​

There are two types of removals: swarms and established hive removals. A swarm removal is often easier, depending on the location. Established hives that have been in an area for over a week have started building combs and producing honey, worker bees, and propolis. At this point, it is advised to have an experienced beekeeper conduct the removal to protect the structure and honey bees. 

Each bee removal is unique and will require a full assessment to determine the following steps: the more complex, the greater the fee for performing the removal. 




Swarming occurs when their current hive becomes too crowded, so they split into two groups, with one group remaining in the existing hive. Or they abscond, and all bees, including the queen, abandon the existing hive entirely due to lack of food or water, parasites, disease infestation, or frequent disturbance by humans or animals. The queen will find a nearby tree or structure and then emit pheromones that signal the workers to cluster around her. Typically, swarms only stay in one place for a few hours or a day, but some swarms may remain for several days until they find a suitable new location.

If you see a swarm and it's not in a problematic location, leave it alone and do not attempt to spray it with water or pesticides. If it is problematic, don't hesitate to contact us.



A honey bee colony can move into undesirable locations such as the eaves of a house, walls, under sheds, barns, machinery, trees, and every other place imaginable. We have the equipment to relocate honey bees with as minor damage to the structure as possible and the top survival rate for the bees. We want the best for honey bees and practice ethical and safe procedures throughout all removals. When you relocate honey bees instead of killing them, you are helping the agriculture in your community and contributing to saving pollinators worldwide. Please consider a professional beekeeper before attempting to spray and kill them yourself. 

Crissy Ward Sadie Grace Farms Honey bee Removal
Crissy Ward Sadie Grace Farms Honey bee Removal


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