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Throughout my five years of beekeeping and many conferences, I have worked alongside some great beekeepers to obtain the knowledge I now pass on to others. As part of the Big Country Beekeepers Association, I gave monthly presentations about what should be prepared for the next month. I was eventually nominated to take over the president's role and was honored to keep advocating for honey bees and introducing others to the wonderful world of beekeeping. Because of this, my desire to educate past the BCBA continues to grow. I have spoken at Hendricks, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Taylor Country Farm and Ranch Expo, Schools, and countless fire departments throughout the Big Country. A small monthly meeting has blossomed into a passion for informing the community and spreading the good news of beekeeping. Honey bees are all around us, and there will be a time when you might encounter a swarm or colony moving into a structure you own. Knowing who to call in that situation is essential to giving the honey bees the best chance of relocation and survival. 

If you are interested in a speaking arrangement, some examples of classes are at the bottom of the page. If your group is interested in a specific topic, please reach out. These are just examples of our most frequent presentations but are not limited to. 

We also offer individualized services such as Apiary Set-Up, Beekeeping Consultation, and Pollination Services. These are hands-on, one-on-one activities customized for your exact situation. We can set up training at your house, or you can do hive inspections, honey extractions, etc., at our farm to learn the ropes before tackling your own.


We want each presentation and service to be individualized so that each teaching is obtainable at the highest level and is the most beneficial. We want to educate you on everything related to honey bees and beekeeping so you will succeed in your adventure.

We are excited to meet with you all on every level of learning!


Crissy Ward Sadie Grace Farms

Topics of Presentations

Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping 101 is the perfect choice for a group that wants to learn the basics of beekeeping. It is also a good refresher for seasoned beekeepers, covering topics such as apiary setup, lighting a smoker, and basic hive inspection. 


Beekeeping 201

Beekeeping 201 will be diving deeper into what beekeeping is all about. Learning more about bee biology, bee behaviors, making splits, seasonal management, pest control, and more.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Children's Intro

to Beekeeping

Children's Intro to Beekeeping is a presentation that will be modified for each group's learning level. If allowed, equipment, tools, an observation hive, and much more will be provided. This will leave the students with a newfound respect and interest for honeybees. 

Bees at Work



Beekeeping Emergencies for Fire and Police Departments is an opportunity for the unit to learn what needs to happen on calls that involve honey bees. 

Image by Nimrod Persson

Honey Bee Services



This service is for land management and Ag exemption. We will place hives on your property and do the hard work of managing them each month.


Beekeeping Consultation 

Consultation is an extraordinary service that we offer. I love being able to help new beekeepers learn the ropes and pass on all the knowledge I have obtained. 

Bee Farm


Our mentorship program is close to my heart because I love teaching individuals with hands-on experiences right in the hive. If you are looking for someone to be with you while you learn every step of the way, I would be honored to help!

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Apiary Set-Up

This is a great option to have an experienced keeper to help you set up your apiary with as little stress to you and your new bees as possible. This service varies on case by case and the different needs of each individual. Fill out the form so I can contact you, and we can review all the details. I look forward to talking with you!

Beekeeper with Bees

Bee Relocation

This service varies on case by case and the different needs of each situation. If you have a swarm or a beehive in a structure, fill out the form so I can contact you, and we can review all the details. I look forward to talking with you!

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